2024 Warrington Youth Awards to celebrating town’s incredible young people

The much-anticipated 2024 Warrington Youth Awards are here, celebrating the exceptional young people in our town who have made significant contributions to their communities.

We are calling on the residents of Warrington to take part in this celebration by casting their votes for the young individuals they believe have made a positive impact on the people of Warrington. Your vote can help recognise and honour the inspiring efforts of our youth.

How to vote 

To cast your vote, please visit: https://shorturl.at/rNCuC

Important Dates

  • Nominations close: August 31, 2024
  • Awards ceremony: September 24, 2024

The awards ceremony will be hosted by Warrington Youth Zone, and it promises to be an evening filled with inspiration and celebration as we honour the achievements of our young people.

We encourage all schools and local clubs to actively participate in the voting process and support their outstanding young members. This is a wonderful opportunity to shine a light on the incredible efforts and positive changes our youth have brought to the community.

About the Warrington Youth Awards

The Warrington Youth Awards aim to recognise and celebrate the remarkable contributions of young individuals in our town. Whether it’s through community service, leadership, sports, arts, or other endeavours, these awards highlight the positive impact our youth have on Warrington.

Join us in celebrating the future leaders of our community and cast your vote today!

  • Young Sportsperson of the Year
  • Young Person Positive Community Contribution Award
  • Young Person’s Outstanding Arts Award
  • Young Person’s Performing Arts Award
  • Young Entrepreneur Award
  • Volunteer Award
  • Personal Journey Award
  • Digital Award
  • Emotional Health & Wellbeing Award
  • Literary Award
  • Warringtonian of the Year Award

2024 Warrington Youth Awards

Below are the awards and criteria:

Young Sportsperson of the Year

  • Outstanding athletic performance in their respective sport(s)
  • Demonstrated sportsmanship and fair play
  • Leadership qualities on and off the field
  • Positive impact on peers and the community through sports
  • Overcoming challenges or obstacles in pursuit of athletic excellence
  • Contribution to the promotion and development of sports in their community or region

Young Person Positive Community Contribution Award

  • Demonstrated commitment to community service and volunteerism
  • Initiatives or projects that have made a tangible and positive difference in the community
  • Leadership in organizing community events or activities
  • Collaboration with local organisations or groups to address community needs
  • Consistent and sustained efforts to improve the well-being of the community
  • Demonstrated empathy, compassion and a genuine desire to help others

Young Person’s Outstanding Arts Award

  • Creativity and originality in artistic expression
  • Innovation and experimentation in artistic techniques or mediums
  • Consistency and dedication to artistic practice and development
  • Participation in art exhibitions, shows or events
  • Collaboration with other artists or organisations in the art community
  • Contribution to the promotion and appreciation of the arts among young people

Young Person’s Performing Arts Award 

  • Exceptional talent and skill in a specific performing arts discipline (e.g., music, dance, theatre etc)
  • Creativity and originality in performances or artistic expressions
  • Participation in performances, competitions or showcases showcasing their talent
  • Positive impact on peers and the community through their artistic endeavours
  • Collaboration with other artists or groups to create meaningful and impactful work
  • Leadership qualities in inspiring and mentoring other young artists

Young Entrepreneur Award

  • Demonstrated innovation and creativity in starting and running a successful business venture
  • Business growth and financial success
  • Contribution to the local economy and community through entrepreneurship
  • Leadership and problem-solving skills in business management

Volunteer Award

  • Dedication to community service and volunteerism
  • Impact and outcomes of volunteer activities
  • Collaboration with organisations or groups to address community needs
  • Leadership in organizing volunteer initiatives

Personal Journey Award

  • Overcoming personal challenges or obstacles
  • Demonstrated resilience and determination in facing adversity
  • Positive personal growth and development
  • Inspiring others through one’s personal journey

Digital Award

  • Innovation and creativity in digital technology or media
  • Impact of digital projects or initiatives on the community or society
  • Technical skills and proficiency in digital tools and platforms
  • Contribution to the advancement of digital literacy or accessibility

Emotional Health & Wellbeing Award

  • Advocacy for mental health awareness and support
  • Initiatives or projects promoting emotional well-being and mental health
  • Support for individuals facing mental health challenges
  • Collaboration with mental health organisations or professionals

Literary Award

  • Excellence in writing, storytelling, or literary creativity
  • Publication or recognition of literary works
  • Impact of literary works on readers or the community
  • Contribution to the promotion of literacy and literature

Warringtonian of the Year Award

  • Positive impact on the Warrington community
  • Leadership and service to the local community
  • Advocacy for Warrington’s interests and well-being
  • Contribution to the cultural, social, or economic development of Warrington