Project Zone

Project Zone

Project zone is our innovative and exciting programme where young people can gain confidence, skills and develop in a structured session.

We are dedicated to delivering enriching learning experiences through a range of projects that inspires and educates. Project Zone runs every Sunday evening and is an opportunity for young people have a more tailored session in a particular skill that they want to engage with.

Project Zone is available to Juniors & Seniors, and projects include:

• Football Development • Mixed Martial Arts • Dance Squad • Rock Climbing • Roller Skating • Basketball & Much More.

Here is the latest activities schedule for Project Zone:


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Project Zone FAQs

Do I have to book for the full 6 weeks?
Yes, due to offering a more tailored experience allowing young people to learn a new skill or improve an existing skill we require project zone sessions to be booked in 6 week block.

Can my young person come for the whole evening?
No, each booking has its own time. Please only come in time for your booking and please pick up/leave at the end of your allotted time. This is due to the youth zones  capacity and allowing as many young people as possible the opportunity to get involved with project zone.

Can I book more than one project?
Currently we do not allow more than one project per young person to booked, this is to give as many young people the chance to get involved as possible.

Do I have to be a member?
Yes, we require all young people wanting to take part in sessions to be a member, you can find out more about our membership here.

About WYZ

Warrington Youth Zone believes in ‘Inspiring young people to achieve’. We exist to support young people’s development, offering opportunities to gain, increase and develop skills, knowledge, self awareness and confidence, and enabling them to make positive and healthy life choices through our wide range of programmes aimed at different age groups.