Curtis Jobling Launches Book Club at Youth Zone

Project zone is our innovative and exciting programme where young people can gain confidence, skills and develop in a structured session. 

We are dedicated to delivering enriching learning experiences through a range of projects that inspires and educates. Project Zone runs every Sunday evening and is an opportunity for young people have a more tailored session in a particular skill that they want to engage with. 

Just asked Joe and he said he’s really enjoying the book club. He likes the fact they are reading the book together as sometimes reading can be lonely but he likes how they are reading at the same time so they can talk about it. He is finding the book really interesting and is liking making new friends. He also said it’s really cool that Curtis is the author of the book so it’s good to hear what Curtis has to say about it.  

Curtis Jobling is the author, illustrator and creator of numerous bestselling books and television shows. The creator of Raa Raa the Noisy Lionand original designer of Bob The Builder delivers talks on his work in creative industries to schools the world over. As a writer, his first novel, Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf, was shortlisted for the Waterstone’s Book Prize, and the series is presently in production as a major new animated show for Netflix. 

Curtis is delighted to be collaborating with Warrington Youth Zone on an exciting and exclusive new project, the Dead Good Book Club. Curtis will be present at the Youth Zone to help launch the project on Sunday 2nd April, kicking off the program with one of his own books, Max Helsing: Monster Hunter. Young people joining the Book Club will read the book over the following weeks, returning each Sunday to review and discuss the chapters read. 

“My son really loved meeting a real life author… loving the book he gave us so far, bring on next Sunday! He’d never been to the youth zone before but will certainly be back soon” Mr Sherratt – Parent 

Curtis said: As a Warrington lad, it’s lovely to be working with the Youth Zone, and banging the drum for reading for pleasure. A good book can change a young person’s life – obviously, the more a person reads, the better they’ll be at writing – and that benefits any child in all aspects of life. But most importantly, reading a good book is pure escapism, and everyone needs that in their lives from time to time. Having the actual author there to kick off the Dead Good Book Club is a first as far as I’m aware, and I’ll be chatting with the kids all the way through their literary journey. With a bit of luck, once they’ve endured one of my books, we’ll look to bring more exciting and acclaimed children’s and young adult novels on board.