Train Like a Pro at Warrington Youth Zone

The Youth Zone is proud to announce they have teamed up with Youth Justice Sports Fund & Street Games to deliver an alternative sports programme for the young people of Warrington. 

Train like a pro is a brand new 12-week project, being delivered as part of the Warrington Youth Zone targeted provision.  

Warrington Youth Zone, goes beyond their state-of-the-art building to provide 12 young men the opportunity to experience what it takes to ‘train like a pro’. These young people will gain insight into sports and nutrition, health and wellbeing amongst many other areas of professional sportsmanship. The project has been divided into two. 6-week programmes, initially the young people will get to work with the very best trainers and athletes at Burnley FC before continuing the programme with Warrington Wolves, with the hope that we can inspire them to choose better paths for their future and raise their aspirations. 

“Thanks to this collaboration with Street Games, Youth Justice Sports Fund and the two clubs we have developed incredible partnerships with Wyse Up (an addiction charity), a sports psychologist, a local knife crime charity and a local prison. All of these new relationships will give the Train like a pro group invaluable life lessons and knowledge on a wide range of topics and allow us to work closely with them on other projects in the near future.”  –Tom Peers, Warrington Youth Zone Sports Coordinator 

The Train like a Pro programme has been funded by the The Ministry of Justice, as part of the Youth Justice Sports Fund and Supported at the Youth Zone by Street Games.  

The Youth Zone currently runs 10 targeted programmes, each with a unique criteria and set of outcomes, but all with one common goal- to provide the young people of Warrington with the support, nurture and opportunities to succeed in life. This is of course, all alongside our Universal offer of access to the very best in 21st century Youth Provision. 

All of this is enabled by the support of our community, local businesses and partnerships. If you would like to find out more about the work that we do, come for a visit or understand more about any one of our programmes- please contact us on 01925 977277 or email