Warrington Youth Zone takes bold step to remove wi-fi and phone network access

Warrington Youth Zone can today announce the shutdown of its wi-fi and access to mobile phone networks, effectively disconnecting the area from digital distractions from April 2024.

Tom Jowett, head of youth at Warrington Youth Zone, expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative, stating: “We believe that by disconnecting from the digital world, we can reconnect with each other on a deeper level and stop having to watch cat-dancing memes too!”

During the digital detox, Warrington Youth Zone will offer a diverse range of engaging activities and programs designed to promote social interaction, personal development, and creativity.

Tiddlywinks, pick-up sticks and curby will be reintroduced into the offerings.

Head of sports Tom Peers was visibly moved by the changes and said he couldn’t contain his tears when he was told that curby would be introduced into his weekly schedule.

Arts lead Isabella Rudge was keen to embrace the restriction by introduce whistling for girls and speed sock darning for the Seniors on Thursdays, as well as flip-flop dancing for the Sunday evening performance sessions.

Warrington Youth Zone invites members of the media and local community to join in support of this ground-breaking initiative and witness first-hand the positive impact it will have on the youth of Warrington.

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NOTE: This announcement was made as part of an April Fool’s Day prank.