Warrington Youth Zone partner with Office Bridge HQ

Warrington Youth Zone’s ongoing work within the local community will be supported by an exciting new partnership with Office Bridge HQ

The youth zone will be boosted by their ‘Support Your’ initiative, which is aimed at giving something back to the community.

Customers can choose to donate funds to the youth zone when purchasing through Office Bridge, enabling us to develop the portfolio of work being offered, and in-turn have a more wide-reaching impact across Warrington and the surrounding areas. 

The ‘Support Your’ campaign currently helps schools and hospices in Runcorn, Widnes, Warrington and beyond, but has recently expanded to support charities. 

As the first charity brought into the scheme, we are excited to see how this partnership enables the growth of the youth zone over the months and years ahead.

Warrington Youth Zone supporter engagement lead Sarah Brennan said: “I would like to thank Office Bridge for inviting us to join their ‘Support your’ campaign.

“This is an amazing opportunity for their customers to support a local charity of their choice, and any funds raised will help us to reduce our ongoing running costs, which is a great help.”

Discussing the partnership, an Office Bridge HQ spokesperson said: “Following a number of recent visits to the youth zone, we were able to witness and listen to the amazing work that is being carried out for the youth of Warrington and the surrounding areas.

“Our director Mike Astbury took great pleasure in inviting Warrington Youth Zone to join the campaign as a way of raising funds to contribute to the ongoing running costs of this fantastic setup.”

Want to support us? Donate to Warrington Youth Zone today!